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October 28, 2007

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white water rafting

Hey well today i went white water rafting with my church youth group and it was so mcuh fun i love going!! i fell out of the raft once but it was okay like luckyly there were no rocks or anything near me lol. But all together it was a great last trip with the youth group. i asked my youth oastor about going sking and stuff in the winter hopefully i can go i think it would be great b/c i just started to like skiing lol.

Well have a great day and week.
Loveya jess
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church today was relly good and just wjat i needed. i have been holding onto some things that i relly should just let go but it is just so hard to let it go but i know i will be a happier person if i do. so yeah lol.
i start school in less than a month kind of scarey but im exited.

well have a great day loveya jess
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Canada was a great trip. I learnd alot about my self and alot about what i want to be and how i want my life to be . God relly showed me alot about myself this week too. the Kdis were great and i think next year im going to stay up there for the whole camp. I love the Pikani Indians they are so precious and so want just someone to talk to them and play with them. I did not want to say good bye to anyone them they were all like i want to come back next year and stuff and that makes me so happy so hopefully i will get to see them again.

School starts in a few weeks and that kinda scares me like im relly exited about it and stuff but like im so nervous about everything i have been at mtcs for 13 years and nothing new has come my way this is so werid and im so nervous about what im getting my self into i just hope i can stay the way i am and not change.

i also cant wait for all of my friends to get home from all of there trips. i miss them all so much lol.

loveya jess
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