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February 18, 2010

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Please pray.

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Do you miss me?

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The World Loses Its Luster

Do you ever feel some days that the world just loses its luster?  We struggle each day to get through this life, and it never seems to go anywhere.  You know what I think?  I think I'm ready to go home.  I don't mean Milton Tenessee, I don't mean my family, I don't mean my friends, I mean Home.  This world was so beautiful today, the snow was the more picturesque here than I had ever seen.  I was in love with life, and I was in love with this world.  Then, in one quick slap in the face, the world was real to me again.  It was not a place of happiness or love, instead it was the place of Christ's rejection, and Satan's acceptance.  We live in Satan's domain, whether we like to think about it or not.  Pray for the kingdom to come, pray for me, but most of all pray for the thing that I learned of earlier.  You don't need to know what it is, just pray.  There can never be enough prayer, and when we do it we are no longer in this earth, but in Christ's hands.  Please, above all, pray.  Let Christ fill you, and bring it to the world around you.  Heaven knows the world needs it!

Love In Christ,

P.S.  I didn't mean that I didn't want to come back home to all of you, I just meant that to go Home would be so much greater, and to see all of you there will be amazing.  I hope you are all coming with me.  This world may not seem to contain Him, but He is here, and He is yours as well as mine.  Please, let yourself be borne home by Him in the end!

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Why are we so afraid to learn?  We sit in class, and we close off our ears to the things that could actually serve to help us.  I know that there are many things we never seem to have a use for, but they expand our horizons none the less.  It is not so much this that I have a problem with, but the problem is when we let this carry over into our spiritual life.  Everytime we start to learn something we seem to be in a situation that we can\'t help but let slap us in the face.  It\'s almost like God has to crush our spirits to get us to listen to Him.  Don\'t you know He hates having to do that?  Think about the way He tries to speak to us every day.  We cut Him off and tell Him that we will have time for him tommorow.  The problem is, tommorrow never comes.  This is today, we can\'t live in tommorrow, and nothing will ever happen as long as God asks us nicely.  We are not promised another day.  Jesus admonishes those who brag about what they will do tommorrow.  So why does He slap us in the face?  Because we are idiotic humans.  If we would only listen, our lives would be as He would want them to be, and He wouldn\'t have to do something He hates to do.  Punish us.

In Christ,
Zach McCain

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Twice is Nice

Two quick comments:

First, I am finnaly in the apartment-style dorms!!!  Yeah, found out at about nine-thirty last night.  And yes, I am posting this while on wireless internet!!

Second, Brian King is finally back online.  Brian, you better leave me a post man.  Otherwise, I will be sad.  I mean, come on, an entire half of this post is solely about you!

In Christ,
Zach McCain

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