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January 23, 2007

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 A lot of things have changed since the new not sure about a lot of them however...i do enjoy getting to go out with friends more often. This morning my mom was talking to me while on the way to church, and she was like "Now, you're almost 17, and i've been letting you do anything you've wanted, as long as it's not illegal, and i really believe you have learned a whole lot since this time last year"..

Basically, what i think she is trying to say that i've grown up a whole lot, and if you really know me, and see me on a regular basis..i think you might agree...I know what is right and wrong, i know what is expected of me, i've become finacially stable, grown in faith, and in wisdom, and a little soft spoken...i've also realized that im a perfectionist..LIKE MAJOR!..everything has to be neat and straight, and im also really sensitive..What can i say..Im a girl!...I cry over stupid shit.

umm..Change is really happening in me..and i can see that..a lot!

February 25, 2006
meg said

change is always fun.

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