Jeana Lewis



November 02 2006
Last night at church Pastor Gus meant to announce a clean up day but forgot.  The church didn't look bad last night but ya'll didn't see the modulars and classrooms!  They're a mess!  Pastors Kenny and Gus are asking anyone who can to come to the church this afternoon at 4:30 to help clean up and get everything back in order for Sunday.  They can't do it alone and with some help it can all be done in an hour or two!  I know everyone is exhausted but if you can spare an hour and a little more energy please be at the church at 4:30!

Becca Hicks

November 04 2006
hey mrs. jeana!!<br><br> i had a dream last night...but it was just of past events...<br><br> remember the TBQ trip to atlanta...where we got lost and kept going past adam's "ugly house"?? haha. and when adam was lost in the walmart parking lot.<br><br>gabi emailed me the story we wrote (it's in a post on my phusebox)....haha... yeah, it gave me a good laugh.<br><br><br><br>man, i really do miss TBQ a that we don't have it anymore. =[