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June 23 2006
Nothing.  But that's okay.  I do so love my rut.  I love routine.  I like predictable.  I enjoy knowing what to expect.  I'm not much on surprises.  Even great ones.  Major surprises throw me into a tailspin!  I get dizzy just thinking about it. whirrrr...........

I enjoy variation but I like knowing about things in advance and having a chance to process and plan.  I know, you're thinking it's just because I'm old.  NOT!  I was the same when I was a teenager.  Even with my love for the predictable I don't think I've ever been called boring...

Have a peaceful, enjoyable day everyone.  I'm off to my usual job at my usual place at my usual time...

See ya when I usually see ya!


June 23 2006
mrs're BORING! HA!


June 23 2006
you've officially been called that, so from now on your statement doesn't apply...teehee

Becca Hicks

June 26 2006
i love you, my non-boring second mommy!! =] haha. i came to talk to you today at the church, and when i turned back around, *poof* you were gone. i was very sad.