Jeana Lewis


Why so critical?

May 08 2006
Why are people so critical?  I'm not just talking about other people.  It's me too!  Why do we criticize each other?  Why do we point out other people's failings?  Why do we put other people down?  How totally arrogant is that???

Does it make us feel superior?  Does it make people like us more? Does it in some way make us feel better?

It's aweful and I'm working on not doing it!

If anyone reads this and thinks I'm talking about you in particular - I'm not.  I've just been really noticing it all around for a while now and I don't want to be like that.  This isn't directed at anyone in particular!!!


May 08 2006
...I know exactly what you're talking about. It irks me to no end when somebody does it, to me or anybody else. I have tried for a while not to...but still catch myself doing it sometimes...

Jessica Jo

May 08 2006
I don't know why we all can be critical. Sometimes I'll catch myself doing it and wonder where it's coming from....because I'm really really really far from being perfect. It's something I've prayed about for a long time.

Randy Lewis

May 08 2006
Hmmmmm. If we criticize people for being critical, are we being critical? Haha. Yeah, we humans would usually rather criticize someone elses splinter, because it takes too much courage to remove our own plank. But then sometimes being overly critical of ourself IS the plank which needs removal. Me too!


May 10 2006
i can take criticism..i get IT ALL THE TIME. :)