Jeana Lewis


Not ready for Monday

April 24 2006
I need more weekend.  I'm not done with this one yet.  I had lots of fun with people I love being with but I didn't get much of my never ending "to do" list done.  I guess I need to pretend to be an adult on occasion and take care of business.  When I'm bad like that Randy has to come home from a LONG weekend of teaching and do stuff I should/could have done. He never says a word but I feel really guilty! 

I did get Beka some black pants for youth choir, I bought groceries, and cooked a meal (the oreos and milk meal for 5 doesn't count!), did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, had youth choir practice, oh! and made a pair of slacks for me. I still left an aweful lot undone.

I'm SOOO ashamed!!! Okay, I'm over it!  I don't have time to waste beating myself up for what I didn't do.  As a matter of fact I could be doing something productive right now but No! I checking phusebox!  Okay - gotta go make sandwiches for lunches.

When does life get simpler?  Calmer?  Quieter? Hmmm.....

Rebecca Jensen

April 24 2006
I AGREE!! Let's refuse to let mondays come anymore!


April 24 2006
i hate mondays with an undying passion.


April 24 2006
You know, even when you're not getting the stuff you should do finished, you still make me look lazy! It certainly sounds like you did a lot!

Jessica Jo

April 24 2006
I've never liked Mondays. I would vote to get rid of them.......

adam rodrigues

April 24 2006
but if there weren't mondays, we'd just all hate tuesdays... but anyway. yeah, I often feel unproductive.. probably because I'm often not