Jeana Lewis


See yourself in this?

April 11 2006
I heard something lately that intrugues me.  Christians mature spiritually just like people mature emotionally. 

Babies believe everyone is alive solely to make sure they're fed, dry, comfortable and happy.  They can tolorate no discomfort!

Children question everything and try to understand what they cannot. They believe adults (or God in the case of a Christian) know everything and can and will fix anything.

Adolescents think they know everything and get very annoyed when things don't go their way. They expect God to do what they think He should.  They think if someone (including God) doesn't think like they do they obviously just don't have a clue!

Adults understand that it's not all about them.  They know they don't always get what they want or even what they need sometimes.  They know they don't know everything and accept that life happens no matter what you do or think or pray.

Senior citizens live in acceptance and tolerance.  They smile at life's discomforts and at others still in the stages they have passed through.  They enjoy moments as they come each day and wait to see what tomorrow brings.  They seem to be the ones at peace.

Where are you?  I'll admit - I waffle back and forth between spiritual adolescence and adulthood most of the time.

adam rodrigues

April 12 2006
I'm a sage ;)

Jeana Lewis

April 12 2006
Sage is a pungent herb, oh Wise One...

Russell Rodden

April 12 2006
If he gets to be a sage then I am gonna be parmesan cheese! I think I fit in the adolescent one.

Stephen Slate

April 13 2006
to let you know I don't have a house phone and it also doesn't help that my grandmother who pays for my phone at the moment had the free text you can get to tell how many mins you have used from your plan disabled......yea I am kinda in a bad spot on that one.......and on your post......I am usually switching between the adolescent one and the senior citizen one......just depends on what has happened in my case