Jeana Lewis


Youth choir!

April 08 2006
The youth choir was amazing today!  Everyone worked hard and tried hard and it really paid off.  I think we actually have a shot at nationals again this year!  Orlando!  Here we come!  I hope...

We need to plan a youth choir party to reward you all for your hard work!  We also need an awesome way to thank Mrs. Vera for her help.  Any ideas?

I love you guys and am proud of you!!!


April 08 2006
a PARTY! I love partys! drinks all around!

Jessica Jo

April 08 2006
Youth Choir practice made me smile. We are actually coming together. Who would have ever thought? haha. ;-) JK. . A party sounds fun. I think we should give Mrs. Vera a gift certificate somewhere or actually make her the center of our celebration party. See you tomorrow. Love ya.

Paul Morgan

April 09 2006
We should buy her a hat that sais "BOSS" on it to match the shirt

Linda Turner

April 09 2006
Party for Mrs. Vera!

Stephen Slate

April 11 2006
yes it is.....but I have been trying to talk to her but it hasn't been working out cause I don't get to use my phone that often since I have gone over my mins twice already and it has costed me over 200 bucks