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this sucks..

March 15 2006

college is taking a toll on me.. im just so burnt out on everything.. i work 40 hours a week.. its just crazy.. so thats y i think im gonna take a semester off to just work and get money.. maybe that will help out just a little bit..

anyways, on a brighter note, warped tour is comin to nashville.. ive been to 3 warped tours before but this one probably has the best list of bands: underoath, thursday, silverstein, senses fail, from autumn to ashes, and alot more.. its gonna be crazy! so for all u out there that didnt kno warped tour was comin, ill c u there.. all day long... lol, cant wait!  

brandi gates

March 15 2006
I understand sorry bout all that college brings........but the warped tour makes it better. I love underoath.!!!!!