It's two in the afternoon and I'm still sleeping

June 10 2005
Hello my dogs. Well basically I stayed up until four in the morning hanging out with Matt and Jason and Caleb playing Revenge of the Sith...Star Wars or something like that. Whatever. Well I went with those guys to Foster Falls in Tracy City to go rock climbing. We rode in Jason's Jeep and I got to hang my head out of it the whole time. It's fun because I'm a risk taker. So while they were climbing I was tied to a tree on my leash but, being of superior intellect, I chewed through my leash and made my escape. Matt was somewhat unhappy but I don't know why...thought he'd find it funny heeheehee. So it was a good day and I'm still worn out. Well here's a stock update----NYSE and NASDAQ and AMEX all down on the afternoon....recommended stocks--energy companies namely oil companies. Go buy a Hybrid car you humans!
Miss you Bethany

Bethany Bratcher

June 10 2005
I miss you too Sydney! I am glad you decided to update! I don't know why Matt was mad either. I hope you didn't meet any boy dogs while you were running around in the woods! As Matt and I have taught you, you have to wait until you are married before having puppies. Don't get in too much trouble. I'll see you tomorrow. Oh, and remind Matt about the wedding tomorrow night.

Rachael Moore

June 10 2005