March 07 2006
Hey all, this is Matt...not Sydney. I got a comprehensive online test that I have to take for school tomorrow and a critical care test the following day, so I'm asking for prayers from anyone so inclined to pray for a student masquerading as a dog. If I don't pass these comp tests (which there are four of them) I basically get kicked out of the program --->BUMMER


March 08 2006
Praying for you, Matt!

Jonathan Moore

March 08 2006
Ill be praying for you matt. You got this. God didnt bring you this far for nothing. I love you like a brother. Peace Out! InHim, Jonathan 1Thes 5:16-18

Sydney Bratcher

March 08 2006
thanks guys! love ya'll

elizabeth duncan

March 08 2006
praying for you from the LV!