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November 09 2005
If God tells you to be an apple, be an apple.  Don't act like an orange and try to convince yourself and everyone around you that you're still an apple.  We're not fooled and neither is God.

And God is your authority.  Submit to that.

I could write a whole book on the insecurities of females and how they allow themselves to get sucked back into unhealthy relationships time and time again...WHY? 

My life is this giant cycle.  And this time, God will prevail.

The end.


November 09 2005
:) i love you Elizabeth! i miss you


November 09 2005
heyyy whats up? I just noticed that if you went to Oakland in 1999 then that means you went to school with my sister.. Yah sorry im slow on that . but just stopping by to say hey.


November 10 2005
wow Ms. Duncan school just is't the same without you anymore. The eigth graders this year really don't know how lucky they are.

Stacy Freeman

November 11 2005
wow i heart elizabeth. and that post really is awesome. stacy


November 14 2005


November 17 2005
Gosh i miss u elizabeth. i need to come see u and coach campbell. i miss u guys so bad. it'll be 6 months for me and hunter on the 25. times flying! but seriously. when is a good time to come? in the morning i would assume, i just need to know when so i can convince my mom to bring me early. i love you man! sydney *}

Jamey Kemp

November 20 2005
that post pretty much sums up alot of stuff.........

josh diaz

November 25 2005
miss duncan how is it goin i am very sad that we dont talk anymore u were a very good teacher and u tought me lots of things while u were my teacher maybe ill come to the school and see u i will try but coment me back on my xanga and we can talk more please bye