April 04 2006

Wow it's been FOR-EV-ER since i've updated! I've just been busy with school and work. School is goin good...very glad we only have a month left. Work is..well it's work...I'm ready to be done with that to. A joy to working on campus is that when school closes...so does ur job..woo hoo!!! Well i better go cause i have to be at work soon!! I hope everyone has an A-MAZ-ING day!!!

~and i'll fall facedown as Your glory shines around, Yes I'll fall facedown, as Your glory shines around!! So let Your glory shine around, let  Your glory shine around, King of Glory here be found! King of Glory!!!!


April 04 2006
My job goes through summer, but I also have to take a summer school class in order to keep it. You really do need to update more often!