June 29 2005
calypso cafe....IS a chain

up, up, and away!

June 25 2005

photo from odannyboy

Have you ever praised God so much and raised your hands so high that you feel like you could fly away? Isn't that such an amazing feeling?

I remember it was like two years ago at BigStuf...I had my arms stretched as far out as they could go and I decided then why I was raising them. I know that raising your hands is a sign of praise and admiration...but I think that even if it's just between God and me, raising my hands is like a cry out to God. It's a cry for Him to pick me up! I feel like I am His little child...just waiting for Him to sweep me away in His arms. I promise I've had such peace before that I think He's basiaclly done it.

So, I guess I might be the only one...but most of the time when I raise my hands in praise....I'm not just praising...I'm pleading for more intimacy with God.


Just thinking about it.

P.S.> I know this picture isn't of anyone raising their arms....but that's because Daniel is a pansy and wouldn't let go of the bars for longer than a second.

P. S..........S. (geez...that's so dumb sounding)> I am supposed to be writing a paper that I've put off for a while now. Hah...but isn't God so much more amazing than Jack Schaefer's novel "Shane?"......duh.....


June 24 2005

photo from regularbecca

Does anyone else watch "Bear in the Big Blue House?" This is treelow....or triloh....or trilow...I have no idea how it is spelled. Does anyone know? He is probably my favorite cartoon/puppet guy ever.


June 22 2005
alright everyone....it's official. I am old and fat. Well...maybe not those, but I have very very high cholesterol. I went to the doctor today....and it is so bad, that she put me on a diet. AHHHHHH!!!! I can't have sweets, anything fried, red meats, or anything essentially good. Dang.

At least I really like sushi and fruit.

Love...my way

June 19 2005
I have the best friends a girl could ask for. Even if they aren't great Christians....I wouldn't trade them for the world. All of them have my back all the time. I love the feeling I get when I am around them. My friends are the greatest. When you screw up so much, and they love you regardless....that is such a great feeling.

So this is for all of you. If you feel that we are friends, I cherish you so much. Thank you for being there, smiling your great smile, loving me like you do. Always know that I love each and every one of you.

Thanks.....for everything.

Photo From regularbecca

June 17 2005

photo from regularbecca

me and daniel...goofy goofy kids


June 12 2005
hello everyone,

I would like to announce....in case you guys didnt already know, that i am going to school in California in the fall! I'm super excited but i know that i will miss everyone so much. I am going to a Bible college in La Mirada CA ... its right outside of LA.

I am so worried that i wont be able to pass my classes and what not. Also, i really want to keep my spiritual life up and raise it even higher. I feel like i am falling like crazy and its so hard to read my Bible. But, I love my Lord and Savior so very much....so I know he will help me.

Please pray for me!

Photo From regularbecca

June 04 2005

photo from regularbecca

i absolutely love my cousin to death