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October 05 2005
i work to much and the effect are starting to show!! lol!!!
feel asleep in my reading class and my teacher gave me a absent!!!
didnt make it to church im sad...i almost got sick at work today b/c i didnt have anything to eat! so i came home after work!
off to write a paper and math!

Love Through Christ!

Julie Brockwell

October 05 2005
girl...we are going to have to work on that!! it is okay..i fall asleep in english all the time!! LOL!! but my teacher doesn't give me an absent..she is too old to see me asleep even tho i am on the front row!! LOL!! See ya fall break!! LUV YA!!

Rachael Vance

October 05 2005
hey girl! i've been working like crazy and have'nt seen u! it's okay...i am out of it like all the time! i sleep in like 3 classes a day. it's a bad habbit. ( don't think that's spelled right). anyhow, i'll pray for u! and i hope u get to feeling better, too! Love- R


October 06 2005
I'm thinking back on a message I sent you a while back... something along the lines of, "don't work too much". Hmmm...