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tonight....band..woods and cops!

August 12 2005
i think today and tonight was one of tha best days i have had in a long while....
got up to eat w/ my dad
went to work
went up to tha old school..saw some teachers i wanted to see and then some i didnt
talked to Coach Wells about tha team....
went to see Kyle
went shopping got some cute tops
went to tha band performance..everyone did a great job!!!
Eliz and Julie came over and watched movies again tonight!!! wow i love those gurls!! im gonna miss them sooo much!!! :(

now it get crazy....
met up w/ ppl at 11:30 at Don Pablos...went to this beautiful rock place out on tha battle field...good date place..o and word of advie dont wear flip flops and shorts in the woods and always carry a flash light!!! o and the cops were out tonight!!! lol!!! we would know!
got a chance to talk to Sarah and Nate!

favorite qoute of tha night.....
Josh Vance: tha cops is coming back
and then everyone runs for there cars!!!

Love Through Christ

Rachael Moore

August 12 2005
man i missed out on the adventure!


August 12 2005
It was gorgeous. I'm gonna have to see that place in the daytime.


August 13 2005
did the cops really come after i left?!

Jennifer Hood

August 13 2005
i see that you have learned an important lesson - if you are on the battlefield at night, the cops will come after you, how i know that shall remain a secret =) you'll have to show me this place sometime


August 13 2005
haha...it was definitely a fun and adventurous night! :o) definitely one for the memories!

Laura Polis

August 13 2005
you should come at fall break. b/c that's gonna be the cool thing to do!


August 13 2005
thanx for cancelling on going to the mall to hang out with other friends. I feel great now.


August 13 2005
you'll have to excuse me for not being understanding about you forgetting about me...I was looking foward to hanging with you....