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July 11 2005
it hit me really hard today that...im no longer a football manager!!! im sad!!! i havent cried about it and probably wont!!! but i sure will miss it and my guys!!! but i will always remeber tha fun times....
driving tha gator,
playing in tha rain,
hanging w/ my boyz and tha other BFMU,
gettin yelled out by daddy alsup,
borrowing money from daddy alsup,
me and andi gettin sick after tha syrmna game
running plays with tha guys and playing in practice b/c were short players
the Cookeville game
Kayla....all her burps and walks
lol!! and there are sooo many more memories!

Love through Christ!


July 11 2005
hey rachel! your pics are awesome!! those are great memories, don't be sad cause they're over, be happy you got to experience them!!


July 11 2005
-i miss felipe too!!

Julie Brockwell

July 11 2005
I miss all those time too..I went to football today...And it just hit me there... The guys kept asking me for things..i was like i am not even a manager anymore....lol!!!but yeah...i know how you feel...

Brittany Dickens

July 11 2005


July 11 2005
:o) these are bittersweet times


July 12 2005
But you are going to have so many more memories in college. Trust me on that. Anyway, I'm running late for school. Have a great day.

Brittany Dickens

July 13 2005
awww..I am gonna miss all the fun we had at BHS!


July 13 2005
i'm gonna cry just thinking about all the memories...and you tlaking about football makes me think of band camp and football games...::tear::