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whats the point???

January 18 2006

soooo today was the 1st day of classes for me!!!
wow!!! im gonna be struggling this semester!!! im gonna have to study and not be lazy! lol!!

yeah soo i dont see the point of me being in school....i dont know what i want to do and the only class i want to take i cant...bc i cant change my work schedule!!! soo why am i there??? i dunno!!! maybe GOd will show me!

im off!

Love Through Christ!

Whitney Sanders

January 18 2006
I agree with you...why are we going to school? I was thinking bout dropping out-lol--jk---maybe? Ill cya on FRI!


January 18 2006
i dont know what i want to do either. i love you

Rachael Vance

January 20 2006
yeah...please stay there until u figure out what u r supposed to do. i'll be praying for u !