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learned somethin new today.....

November 07 2005

so my car died last night!
tha battery went "blah"
thanks to my best bud jamie she came and got me this morning!!! i owe you big!
i learned how to change a battery and put tha new one in!!! i was happy!!! :)

WOW...thats all i can really say as much as God has been working in my life! since i decided to stay single until God says "its time"...believe me when im ready ill be excited!!! lol!!! :)

Lay Down my Pride
My Desries My Demise
I'm Ready to see it Your way
I'm Done I'm through ignoring You now its true
I'm Kneeling at the Cross of your Grace
Lay Down my Pride

EDIT~~~ wow God is amazing!!!!  im soo happy i went to intercession! i didnt stay long bc God really worked on my heart!!!! im excited to see what happens next in my life!
"its his time...not mine!"

well im out!
Love Through Christ!


November 07 2005
i'm such a girl when it comes to cars. it'd be hard to for one to believe my dad's a mechanic when they see me with a car. once i was trying to help a friend jump start her car and i asked 'where's the battery?' oh man. ANYWAY after i shared that totally pointless story with you, i'm glad you learned how to change a battery! haha goodnight!


November 07 2005
lol now how is it that ur car died? mines supposed to be tha one that dies!! LOL!! Oh well, have a great night and I'll see ya at Intercession!!

eddie sally

November 07 2005
the battery actually said blah? thats a new one on me.

jeff martin

November 07 2005