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dr. phil

September 28 2005
im watching Dr. Phil and its all about perscription drug use. It talks about what Tom Cruise says about medications for the brain. Personally im mad at Tom for what hes been saying about postpardum depression and perscription drugs used for a psychiatric reason. Tom has never had postpardum depression and he dosnt know crap about it! ALso, he disagrees with psychiatric practices. He says "I know the backround of psychiatry, you dont". yeah and ummmm lets think about this......... oh yeah! he has to be right since he went to medical school and all and is a certified doctor and is, you know, the smartest person ever. NOT. okay where does Tom find the authority to say something like that!? plus, Nicole Kidman, his ex wife, was interviewed and my mom thinks she heard that Nicole's dad is a psychiatrist. HMMMMMMMMM? lets seeeeeeeeeeee. suspicious? well thats it for me! im mad! im going to go to the BHS vs. KCD feild hockey game and then go to my practice. sOoOoOoO ill sign in later! xOoX

pray for hilton!



September 25 2005
right well today is sunday! im am so in the harry potter mood! im like the only person who ever gets those.... OH well! Its that time when i get into this magicky mood, turn on my HP soundtrack wip out the book or go downstairs sign into and chat with some fellow obsessees about it! well i was just on harrypotter website and i put up a post about the theories that are WACK that seem to be circulating nowadays. just fill you in on how much i adore harry potter- i own: all books on hardback, 3 dvds, trading cards, soundtrack, Harry potter uno cards, calendar, 2 poster books, and various other collectibles! I have read the series 5 times (not including the sixth book which took me less than 8 hours to read!) oh and i show up for the showings of the movies the day of! MAN! dont you just love a good book!? well im gonna go now but leave me a message! xOoX
pray for hilton!

woah. long time no write!

September 24 2005
yello guys! i hjavent had time to even get online because of homework. thats really all i have time for these days! Volleyball , homework, volleyball, homework, and volleyball. holly asked me to homecoming so im going with her! we are gonna have a BLAST! today i wanna shop for a homecoming dress! ima gonna look hott! (i wish!) lol! well i gotta go plan the day! xOoX!
dont forget to pray for hilton!


September 01 2005
hey guys! thanks so much for praying for HIlton. Prayer makes a difference! anybody who tells you otherwise is WRONG! well Ballard is a lot bigger than i thought it was going to be! Today i was switched into an all sophemore honors biology class. I really disliked that class i was in (Advanced Biology) but im still kindve upset. I sat next to a really cool girl named Emily and there was this really cute guy in that class that i liked to talk to! hahaha! well my day was good. volleyball was cancelled. i dont know how i feel about that. I love volleyball so much but it feels GREAT to have a day off!!!!!!! if yall wanna check up on Hilton click on this. this. well im gonna go do homework. i feel bad cause i did
n o t h i n g
in class today so my homework is going to be CRAP! leave a comment!!!!! xOoX