~:* where has the year gone*:~

October 04 2006

ok so..... so far the yr has gone great. still single but thats ok. i really need to start working on my scholarship stuff. golly where has the yr gone.

so homecomming was awesome. i really enjoyed it this yr. i really like performing in dance off...that was a lot of fun.

so its fall break and im at utk visiting a friend of mine. i really like it here. i feel like im free but at home....if that makes any sence to you.

oh i finally got my sr pic back...so when i get back to school i can pass them out.

so i rejoined the youth group at my church and am enjoying it. im goin on a retreat next weekend....which should be a lot of fun. then at the end of the month is model un. and i cant wait for that cause thats always really fun.

how is everyone else?



keep it real and smile lots

new year

September 04 2006

So.........school started up a few weeks ago. i like all my classes....i dont htink i will get bored in any of them. which is good. I was supper excited to c everyone again. now i'm tring to stay busy. but yeah i had an awesome summer and from what i hear most everyone else did too! which is awesome. i joined student council and key club this yr. so im excited about that and i heard about a mock group starting up at our school so i will deffinatly have to check that out. Senior yr really is awesome!!!!!!!



July 06 2006

SO it's summer.......i've stayed pretty busy. i got a job at the shoney's on broad. i'm a waitress. it's cool there...i'm one of the young ones. but it's all good.                                                              

Lauren d. and i r goin to fl in a week and a half. we leave on the 16th at night and get back a week later. whop whoop....we r gonna have so much fun!!!! i can't wait to go back to the beach!!!!! it's so beautiful there.

so this summer i have been working nd hanging out with friends. i have gone camping( for the first time in my life a couple of weeks ago and i went and saw superman a week ago with stephen. i'm not a superman fan.....but i loved that movie...i almost cried once or twice...and i dont cry in movies.

well, amanda's off in germany now. i hope she has an awesome trip. hmmmm yeah and everyone else seems to be goin on vacation too. hmmmm oh yeah i got my sr. pic proofs back today!!!!! omg i love them!!!!!!! now i have to pick which one to go in the yr book...hmmmm decisions decisions....oh well i have a few weeks to decide.

later..keep it real and smile



May 22 2006

hey so one more day till we are free!!!!!!  whoop whoop!

so this weekend i hung out w/ friends and watched some of them graduate. ~:*tear*:~ and today i basically did nothing in class. during 5th i played basketball with the guys and i sucked...but hey ..at least i tried.

so till summer i plan to have a lot of fun.

i can't believe I'm are seniors...... whoop whoop!!!


May 18 2006

ok so i'm really sad about the sr's leaveing. my friends and i have been talking about how crazy it all is...us being sr's. i'm gonna miss all my sr. friends ...keep it touch.

so my friend jordan and i have been hanging out a lot lately. he and some of his friends taught me how to play halo monday night. and i that was cool. so now i know how to play whoop whoop!!




May 03 2006

ok so thiss week has been pretty awesome. life has been ok. i still havent found a summer job yet(tear) but im still looking. i dont have that many days left with my senior friends...that makes me really sad. but i am happy for them....cause i know they have waited a really long time to graduate. yeah this really cool guy asked me out on a date. so im pretty excited about it. oh and this past sat. a few of my friends ran the half marathon and one of my teachers. im really proud of them. i think i will run it next year...hopefully. smile and keep it real




April 20 2006

ok so i have been really busy lately. i have had elections, tests, projects, work, easter, ect. So elections were today!!!!! we wont know the results till tomorrow.....omg im nervas. oh and today was the last day i will wear my unifrom at school whoop whoop. the last time i will EVER wear it is next tues. at awards!!!!!! awww tear...not! also today trey got me to try a jelly bean...for those of u who don't kno i have never eaten one b4, an it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. well, anyways yesterday i ran my mile in the time i needed to get presidential physical fitness award!!!! whoop whoop...maybe it helped that i knew the wheater was about to get really bad and i needed to hurry up. other than that i have been busy with school work and working in the nursery. i need to find a summer job. hmmmm.... well ashleigh had an interview today....i hope it went well!

yeah thats about it




April 10 2006


well this weekend was really fun....with 2 exceptions (storms that scared me and taking the act, however it wasn't as bad as last time)

so sat. after the act lauren d. comes over an we get ready for the pagent together. we had 4 curling irons an 2 straightner pulled in in my room all at once. an all my make-up i never use all spred out in my bathroom. then we had to get to school. The pagent was a lot of fun, and a lot longer than last year. I didnt place, but i only did it to have fun anyways.

Sunday i went to work and then to law explorers and after that youth group. Which was the 1st time i have gone in forever. i had a lot of fun. an i'm gonna try an go more often. 

Today was good. school wasnt that hard. and i went to the interest meeting for student council and i'm goin to run for sr. class rep. so if your goin to be a sr next year please vote for me!!!!!!! i would appreciate it!!!! thanks.

well this is holy week so i hope everyone will have a good week like always!!!Just think it's a 4 day school week whop whoop!!!!!



keep smiling!!!!!!!!

i cant complian about much

April 04 2006

ok so i cant really complain about the past few days. today was ok. i didnt really do much. i went to school an my teachers really didnt give me anything challenging to do. and after school i went to the tanning bed and then to law explorers. and then to work for about 30 min. just tp help out. and then i went to cvs and the guy that was at the cash register was hitting on me. lol but hey i must admit he was hot!!! then yeah i came home.

oh yeah today ask an i wore the same kind of shirt and ppl were like yall planned this and we really didn't. but it was cool we were twins for a day!!!!!yeah and i got to see sgt sexton too!!!!

well anyways, amanda wont be able to be in jrotc next yr........oh well, i wont be in it either next yr. at least she an i will still work in the nursery together!!!!!

well that about does it


luv lisa

p.s. ~ if ur goin on the band trip be safe and all and have a ton of fun!!! see u when u get back!!!!!

yeah this is me

March 31 2006

Hey!!!!! so this is my first entry on here. so if u kno me i have a hard time remembering to update these kinds of things so i might need reminding.

so anyways today was cool ashleigh and i went shopping today. we also gave sgt. sexton a surprise visit.hehehe that was fun.

well anyways i think thats it


lisa a