June 14 2006

God has such a sense of humor! who would have known that two people that you have never met in your life, could possibly become two of your closest friends? who would have known that two girls that live 3 hours away could make you laugh so hard? well.. these two girl, my friend, are amazing. and i love them very much =)

proverbs 18:24
there are friends who destroy, but a real friend sticks closer
than a brother.
john 15:13
and here is how to measure it-the greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends


June 14 2006
that just made my day =)))) i love you very much! proverbs 27:9 - just as lotions and fragrance give delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.- god has truly blessed me with your friendship! i love you! - elizabeth


June 15 2006
the last three nights have been great. ur house is PIMPIN. lol, thanks for having us all over. ill have to swim next time. well, cya

Garrett Haynes

June 15 2006
i get more work done than u do! And I did that at HOME thank you very much : p


June 17 2006
aww kaitlin , that made my day too. :). I <3 youuu !!! And sry if those bands hurt ur ears, haha liz and I tried to get better reception, so it would sound better, but oh wells. haha... ttyl girl <3 ya ~sarah

Julia Evans

June 17 2006
proverbs 18:24 i love that verse cause it is SO true! God does have such a sense of humor. But what would we do without him. I just got back from camp and it was AMAZING, it always gets me back on the right track! <3 <3 ya!