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October 18, 2006

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my Jesus, deep conversations, volleyball, having fun, black and white pictures, art, coloring books, laughing, scrapbooking, sewing, my sisters, friends, laying out, running, waffle house at 3 AM, looking at the stars, old movies, being crazy with my friends, anything creative, bubble baths, flip flops, anything vintage, big earings, romantic things make me MELT, i love playing in the rain and snow♥, but the beach is my favorite place.. ever


country is my favorite.. and Rascal Flatts are the best!, im starting to like 80's!!, but honestly-i like anything except hardcore-death-screaming music


a walk to remember and cinderella are my favorites, disney movies are the best (when im in the mood for them).. i love cuddling up and watching a movie late at night or when its raining =), action/war movies are pretty good, scary movies are fun!! (ha..), but romantic ones are the best


i love reading when im in the mood to.. the bible is my favorite, followed by mostly anything

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we lost.

season is over.

and it sucks.


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life is good =)

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home from the hospital =)

im glad to be home! i have some funny stories. ask me and i will tell them to you. it was my BCN and cryetine? levels [kidney] that were extremely high. this meant extreme dehydration. they put five of those bags (5000 mL) of saliene/sugar water/ electrolytes.. all that good stuff.. in me. but dr. jerry told me if i could eat dinner and not get sick, then i could come home. so i did. it was good to be in my own bed =) God showed me patience through everything. i am glad to be well again! its a gorgeous day outside. i think i shall take a bike ride, maybe. ha.

Psalm 150:6
let everything that has breath and every breath of life praise the LORD!

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laughter is the best medicine..
...definitely =)
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tim mcgraw and faith hill = amazing.

before we left..

on the way..

eating at fridays..


faith hill

..and tim mcgraw

what a fun night?! =)

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