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October 18, 2006

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my Jesus, deep conversations, volleyball, having fun, black and white pictures, art, coloring books, laughing, scrapbooking, sewing, my sisters, friends, laying out, running, waffle house at 3 AM, looking at the stars, old movies, being crazy with my friends, anything creative, bubble baths, flip flops, anything vintage, big earings, romantic things make me MELT, i love playing in the rain and snow♥, but the beach is my favorite place.. ever


country is my favorite.. and Rascal Flatts are the best!, im starting to like 80's!!, but honestly-i like anything except hardcore-death-screaming music


a walk to remember and cinderella are my favorites, disney movies are the best (when im in the mood for them).. i love cuddling up and watching a movie late at night or when its raining =), action/war movies are pretty good, scary movies are fun!! (ha..), but romantic ones are the best


i love reading when im in the mood to.. the bible is my favorite, followed by mostly anything

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laughter is the best medicine..
...definitely =)
August 14, 2006

YAY for laughter...ummm...pretty sure that the best night ever lol I had sooo...much fun that day. I love just hangin out with you it was a blast. The three of us should do that more often and we need to get you a guy lol and then the four of us can hang out. lol I love you kait and I miss you bunches. Call me soon cause I miss you. Muah
August 14, 2006

WOW that was a long message lol
August 14, 2006

p.s. thanks for the pictures I love them
August 14, 2006
Sarah said

psh yeh it is... and did u know it also burns calories, girl thats why I try to laugh all the time, hahahah <3 u my darlin
August 15, 2006
Elizabeth said

haha.. i love laughing it always makes you feel ten times better and its funnnnnnnnn :)
August 16, 2006

that picture was taken outside of bellacino's at our last restaurant raid. When ya'll went to that dance. Yup yup yup
August 24, 2006
Elizabeth said

girl where have you been its been way to long.. <3- lizz

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