June 10 2006

girl's night at miller's grocery...

mere and i on the way up there

amy and chels behind us acting like idiots

thats gross..

FINALLY! we are there after a train that took 45 min (not really..) to get across, some highschool musical, and a couple rounds of "chineese-firedrill"

the grandma in the bathroom that scared liv, so she covered her face up

just a little peek =)

cuuute!! mere and liv..

blury of amy and mere

the love of my life.. CHELSEA TURNER!!

the beautiful amy roeger..

blury of christine and i

desert is the best parttt!!

we went to miller's to see christian.. so, she got a break and got to come outside and eat with us for a while. this is a picture of abi and her =)

time to leave.. abi and i on the way home..

Chelsea Turner

June 10 2006
oh man did we ever....ahhh i love you!!!


June 10 2006
AAAAAAAHHHHH... I totally missed like half that night tear oh well we still had fun love ya girlie

kristen teeters

June 10 2006
ahaha hey girl! it looks like u guys had some fun! wow but that scary house was just plain weird!! *shivers* well yes i had so much fun with u and we all have to get together and watch 'Fried Green Tomatoes' YAY! oh i cant wait!! i love u girl!! have a great rest of the week!!

meredith taylor

June 11 2006
That was the best home cooking ever!!!! I loved the Grandma!!!


June 11 2006
gosh we have the most fun and the best times. even if i wasnt there, i know yall had fun. i love all my sisters and brothers. i absolutely love them.


June 12 2006
gosh I hope yall had fun !!! haha,. but yeh im so sorry my computer on aol like isnt working and it shut me down, and then it started working and my sister got on it, and i was like um wait i was on here, and she is being mean and wont let me back on it haha, but i guess i will talk to ya soon. <3 ya girly ~ sarah


June 12 2006
lol im listening to the pina colada song... i might just have to change it to my profile song today.. bc its fun haha i know i seriously wish i could come hang out wiht you guys today .. and for the rest of the summer... that would make my life. love u !- liz

Garrett Haynes

June 12 2006
love me some kaitlin gay!


June 12 2006
=))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) hahahha :p