Breaking Free of the Tyranny

October 09 2006

and i feel if i run a little faster,
i'll find myself, and my hidden purpose..
but all i find is an empty skyline..
where the sun has faded away..
and i still look back, peeking over my shoulder
only to find that there's no one there..
but still in fear, i push on and move forward..
if only to get further away...

no one's chasing after trying to bring me back
no one's trying to save me or making me stay on track
all i want is a thought and a word from You...
And on the darkest night, of my worst storm
I'll shield my eyes and then refuse to conform
Because in my heart, I'm living what I believe...

another night, in my broken vessle
i'm sinking hard, trying to find the surface
i'm in too deep, in this choking quicksand..
and the light is fading away..
i need you to find a little courage,
brave this curse, and my own nightmare..
and in the end you'll awake beside me
with all the darkness faded away..

Sarah Vermillion

October 09 2006
Long live the mohawk, dude.

Meagan McCann

October 09 2006
im with her!!!!!!! i love it..... and my hand... is ready to catch you... if you ever need or want me to do so.....

Trena Doyle

October 10 2006
I can't swim, but I'll throw you a life preserver if you need one. :) I'll even tie a rope to it so I can pull you back to safety once you have grabbed onto it! :)


October 10 2006
Tell me that your all right... :strange little jam dance in seat:... The mohawk is awesome!!!

Sarah Vermillion

October 10 2006
That would be lovely! Half is better than nothing.

Sarah Vermillion

October 10 2006
To be honest, I have no earthly idea. *shrug* But my computer does have a dvd player. Soooo... I don't know if that helps or not.