uuh huh..

June 09 2005
i dont know what to write so this will be random. ive played volleyball pretty much everyday this week..thats cool. i miss new york way to much. summer is absolutly amazing. right now im reading this book called "the purpose driven life" im not a big reader at all..pretty much the only thing i read is seventeen. what you do is read one chaper a day for 40 days..simple enough. yesterday when i was reading and one thing really stuck out to me "without a purpose, life is a motion without meaning, activity without direction, and events without reason." to make it simple..without God, life has no purpose, and without a purpose life has no meaning.

on another note..today started out soo beautiful outside! now its raining pretty hard and thundering. its sorta nice. well..i dont really know what to write so this will be random. summer has been going great. still not doing to much. cross country practice has started up so its fun to see everyone again and begin running more regularly. yep, life is good.

dont worry about tomorow, tomorow will worry about itself. each day has enough trouble of its own. matthew 6:34

i just love that verse..

Jarrod Dollinger

June 09 2005
Sport da J-ville! Did I meet you at church? And my day is going in the positive region. I hope yours is doing the same.

Stacy Freeman

June 09 2005
hey i love you to!!!!!!!!!!!well hope your havin a fantastic summer!! Stacy

Rebecca Tenpenny

June 09 2005
aww hey to you too girl!! hope your week is awesome! mine is ok...summer school can only be so fun..later!

kayla hale

June 10 2005
hey!! thanks for my remark thingy! hop you are having a great summer too!! =] love you Kayla!!


June 10 2005
hey girl! what's up? i love that picture!

Garrett Haynes

June 10 2005
I loved the rain...me n josh n eddie played frisbee golf in the pouring rain...it was fuuuun! Love ya Garrett


June 10 2005
that verse helps soooooo much @ times!!

the brian king kenobi

June 10 2005
that is a very good verse. and you have a particularly interesting profile picture as well.


June 10 2005
i love that verse, too.

Olivia ~AKA Liv~

June 10 2005
hey girly! well i jus wanted to say hey and hope you had a good day! Much love ~* Big O *~


June 12 2005
awesome verse// hope you are having a fantabulous summer and good luck on cross country