woah oh yeah yeah!!

June 03 2005
soo this summer has been absolutly delightful. havent done much of anything..just hung out alot and played jailbreak almost everynight with some pretty cool kids=] cant complain right. well i finally got a phusebox thing..thanks nathan! i dont really have much else to say so ill stop rambeling and finish this on up. i love you all hope your having a fun summer. dont forget to let god bless your day..

when memories fade
weve got each other
when time and confusion collide
i hold it all when i hold you
woah oh yeah yeahhh!!

thats defiently the best song everrr..

Garrett Haynes

June 03 2005
Jailbreak rox....and so do u. This summer is the best one ever. C u 2night at the moives!!!!

Nathan Moore

June 03 2005
HELLO! Great to see you on PhuseBox!!! help spread the site and tell me if you come across any bugs! thanks! have a great and fantastically wonderful day!

Carla Simpson

June 03 2005
cole i loooove you!!! we should get the group together and hang out soon!

Cara Hawkins

June 03 2005
You look like such a punk in your profile pick..

Nathan Moore

June 04 2005
I bet I was listening to anberlin before you were!

Sarah Vermillion

June 05 2005
Hey, do I know you?

Darth Vader

June 07 2005
that song is pretty good just dont listen to it too much or it mite kill it for ya -drew


June 07 2005
*cough* afraid i dont know that song. well okay i might but whats it called and who does it?

Alex Lewis

June 09 2005
Cole this is my site come and check me out love ya. See you in three weeks!!