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December 13 2005

Nathan Moore

December 13 2005
cool stuff... hoep you are doing well.


December 13 2005
nathan can't spell hope. ha.

Nathan Moore

January 30 2006
yeah man, our church is in Manhattan (


February 15 2006
it was friggin amazing , I <3ed the concert , and the bands at the after party were awesome, I <333333 the Fighting Instinct band...:)... I listen to that " Back To You" song like on repeat , ahaha, but yea someone said toby had to leave early bc his wife was like having a baby or something, i didnt know if i believed that ? haha

Drew Mitchell

August 11 2006
it doesnt matter if he was endorsing homosexuality or not. Its not funny and I dot like it. It made me wanna throw up when they kissed at the end. No question the worst movie made in along time.There was some stuff that just shouldnt have ever been in there. I def. hated the prayer scene because thats not funny. Its God your talkingto not some animal.

Rebecca Jensen

February 20 2007
I love the pictures that you have up. A lot of them have a really great quality about them