college is cool

August 30 2005
college is cool. just like high school except you are going with 23000 people instead of 2000. i only have one person out five classes that i know. each class has an average of 50 people. its not so bad. guess that means that i'll have more friends. the teachers are nice. they dont seem hard. i just do what they tell me to do. by the way, i have to keep a 3.8 GPA so that i can get into a school for the air force. i believe that i can do it. you may not see me as much because i am studying, but i think its within my means. i guess thats all i have. dueces


August 31 2005
love ya!


August 31 2005
You'll be fine, just study a lot! I believe in you, Eddie! I hope to see you at church tonight!

Whitney Sanders

September 01 2005
Glad you like college. . .I havent decided yet!?!?!?! well I guess Ill cya around maybe? ttyl! bye


September 03 2005
hwy no prob for the cell, and i hope u had fun at toots, where their health care is a negative number. How can that be u ask? i dont know but toots found a way. lol, cya