i cant

January 24 2007

theres someone out there who needs my help but i cant help because its not up to me


January 14 2007

have you ever felt like your best friends are your worst friends?


November 15 2006


its been a while.

ive been really busy. school. younglife. work. some more school. thats about it. ive also learned a lot about myself and my Creator. God is good. if you stay in Him, amazing things will happen that you never thought could happen. birthday was on thursday. just another day. hope everybody is doing swell. peace.


1 timothy 4:12

the man of steel

June 30 2006

superman returns is awesome. you should go view it. even though it may cost you 45 arms and 87 legs. unless you go to the matinee. anyways you should view it.

zebra cakes

June 20 2006

as i sit here in my fold out chair, eating zebra cakes, drinking whole milk, i tell you this story.

i have given up my childhood dream of being a pilot. God was telling me that that wasnt where i was suppossed to be. it also wasnt what i thought it would be like either. im not really bummed out about it. God has something way better for me.

I have learned a lot about God here in the last few weeks and its been awesome. He has shown me that He will put me in situations that may look bad to us from a human standpoint but He is conforming us to His own image. He has shown to seek Him first, no matter what it is. He has shown me to trust more. He has shown me that Satan has limitations. Satan is Gods creation and cannot rule your life. God is always in control, even though you may think He isnt.

thats about it for me. younglife is going really well. cant wait for the new semester to start. catch yall later.


1 timothy 4:12

i have no more wisdom

May 13 2006

as you can see im not a happy camper. i had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and boy does it suck. this pictorial was taken about 10 hours after i had taken them out. my head is as big as a basketball because it is very swollen. im just glad this is a one time deal. so if you ever have to get your wisdom teeth taken i would advise strongly to get all of them out one time. im gonna go lie down. peace.

whoa, i think you better check yoself

April 15 2006

well its exactly two months today since i last typed on here. a lot has happened since then. let me take you though the last months.

i have a new vehicle. it is a 97 eddie bauer ford explorer. its pretty tight. check it out.

heres a look at the cockpit. notice the air freshener.

its got a display where it tells you to the exact mile how much you can go on a tank of gas. it can also tell ya if you need to change the oil, checks the fluid levels, and can change from the standard to metric system.

the thing even has a sunroof

a look backwards

the view from the back

if you look closely you can see the fat lady aka the mustang. you know i couldnt get rid of that thing. it is pretty much my identity. my plan for it is to pretty much rest it. its been running all around town for 3 years and its time for her to rest. ive banged it up on a metal trailer and almost took out a sonic tray with it. plus the seats are tearing up really bad.

another thing im an official younglife leader. im at oakland. it is so tight. i love every minute of it. cant really go into much detail but thats about it.

i only have a week and half left of school. i have been on the brink for a while. stuff needs to be in at certain times and i dont have enough time to do it. plus some other personal stuff gets in the way too. anyways just pray for me so that i dont go crazy.

well i think thats it for me. thats what has been going on in my life. i hope i type on here more often. till then have a wonderful easter holiday and peace.


February 15 2006

time. time is the, in my opinion, priviledge we most taken for granted. as i was working today, my mom told me that my grandma up in new york is on that fine line of life and death. she has a severe case of pnmonia and really sharp pains coming from her legs to her back. she has done this once before a couple years ago at Christmas time but she has pulled through. well learning of this sudden illness it caught me off guard.  i cant remember the last time i talked to her. its not because i didnt want to, it has been because i have had the time too. in the next few days she may pass on the our awesome Lord. it makes me sad that i didnt say goodbye. i am unable to call her now because she is in severe pain. this year i might not get to ask her how my beloved yankees are going to do this year. i love her so much and i know that she knows that.

on another note, in about 3 weeks i will have completed my younglife training. i am visiting the area clubs. this past monday i visited oakland. it was pretty cool. its a lot different from riverdale. this monday i will be visiting siegel. i would like to personally invite you to club. it will be at carter trouts house on monday at 800. directions should be in the cafeteria. if you are wondering what younglife is heres a good chance for you to know. so please come see my good buddies zach, clay, jamie, scarlett, krista, laura, and emily. and of course i will be there. thats all i have. have a awesome week. peace.


roller coaster ride

January 23 2006
these past few weeks for me havent been the best for me. they also havent been the worst either. ive been really impatient with people and things that werent going my way. ive said some things to people that i probably shouldnt have said. at the same time i went on a retreat last weekend that was so awesome and had a great time. i have gotten to meet some great folks. it has just been up down up down up down. if you could do me a favor, could you please pray for me. i would greatly appreiciate it. thanks. hope you have a great week. peace.

a new beginning...

January 16 2006

on the eve of my second semester of college, i ponder this question: what can I do this semester that will make me not so busy than last semester?

well, i backed up my schedule an hour so that my lunch hour is free before i have to go in to work. during that hour i can work on my homework and visit with friends that i havent seen in a long time.

when i get home i wont have as much school work to do because i would have already done it at school. if i do have some school work, i probably wont do it because being a full time student is very draining.

also, in about two months i will be a younglife leader. after spring break i will be going to either oakland, siegel, riverdale, or blackman to do my contact work. contact work is where i get to have "my boys" and i go do stuff with them. i need to free up some of my nights to where i can go and hang with them. and i have to have monday night off for younglife club.

i must get to bed. gotta get rested up because i probably wont stop till may. peace.

dumb animals and conclusions

December 14 2005

i was driving home from work today, listening to the black eyed peas. the road is a country road so it was kind of dark. there is a lot of trees to my left. as i am passing these trees this thing comes shooting at me as if it were from a gun. i see it in the corner of my eye and i hear it hit my vehicle. that thing was a deer. in a matter of 2 seconds that deer came out of them trees hit me and died, i think. i couldnt see if it was on the ground or not. if you are wondering what vehicle i was driving it was my dads truck. it hit the front part of the bed. had i had been in my car i probably would have kissed the thing.

the semester has come to a close. thank the Lord. it was a wild roller coaster ride. my spring schedule is pretty cool. i just got to fix my english class. i scheduled it at the wrong time.

i have come to the conclusion that coldplay is the best band to ever play on this earth.


December 07 2005

at the request of abigail coleman, i decided to update. well i survived my first semester of college. it had its ups and downs. 15 page papers, 4 essays in one week, almost hitting a bird while flying a plane then almost landing on a coyote. ya it was great. got finals next week. at this point i couldnt be more happier to take a test because i know what is coming up.

i have almost become a younglife leader. i cannot wait for this opportunity. i go on a retreat in the middle of january, then get interviewed in march, then go out to the school i will be at after spring break. i dont kno what school i will be at but i really dont care one way or the other.

its christmas time. i love it. i think the best part about christmas is the music. i could listen to christmas music all the time. im not big on all the presents stuff. dont get me wrong i do like getting up on christmas morning and seeing what santa brought me. i just like what i have already. friends and family. and of course Jesus. well if i dont see you before christmas, then i wish you a wonderful christmas and a terrific new year.


November 09 2005

ya today was my birthday. nothing special. got a lot of cards. got a lot of "happy birthday"s. said a lot of thank yous. it was great. didnt get much presents. wasnt expecting to. the friends i have is all need. and of course Jesus. cuz without him, i am nothing.

on another note, i met one of my favorite musicians tonight. the musician is ryan horne. it made my day. his music is awesome. playin at bonhoeffers tomorrow night at 800.

well thats all i have. have a terrific day.


sharp top

October 17 2005

well this weekend at sharp top was good and bad. the bad part was that a charter bus, from jackson, tn, full of kids went about 30 feet off the road and down a mountain friday night about 1200. as far as i know everybody is ok. i was the one who got the help. some of my best friends were right behind the bus and saw the whole thing unfold. two people were life-flighted to a hospital in atlanta. half the bus was in neck braces, some were precautionary. the other half just had bumps and bruises. one of my friends that was behind the bus, tried to get some people out but couldnt because he was slipping on all the blood that was on the floor. on saturday about 90% of the campers on the bus were treated and released and came back to camp. the good part is that i had a blast serving the boro kids. i have never seen so many happy kids. i cant wait to be a leader. want to thank all of those who prayed for the campers. it meant a lot to me. im glad that everything turned out alright.

put a picture of the fat lady on the puter. i drive her everyday. for those who dont know me, its a 1973 ford mustang. so this is where i get the name mustang sally. i call her the fat lady because its the biggest mustang ford ever built. she doesnt mind. well im going to catch up on my sleep. im have slept only 10 hours in the past 96 hours. dueces.


October 14 2005
goin to sharp top cove for workcrew. its like what i did this summer only this time, i will be serving the kids from the boro. its going to be awesome. i'll only be gone for the weekend.

which book of the bible are you?

September 24 2005
took this quizical. this is what i got.

you are ephesians.

chances are you've made some whopper mistakes in your life...cause it's usually people like you who really understand their position in Christ. you know it's not by might, not the power, and certainly not by through works, but only through the Blood of Christ. that's all there is that's standing between you and the Father...and that's all you need. people find you to be generally more grace-filled than most. you are attractive to the faith, and are usually a bit on the non-tradition side.

i think it's right. tell me what you think.


September 18 2005
hungry? why wait! grab an eddie! thats my slogan an this random site.

thought of the millinium

September 16 2005
people are stupid without jesus.

9-11-2001 8:46 A.M. EST

September 11 2005
this is the exact moment that changed the world as we know it. this exact moment is the reason why i am chasing my dream. to be an air force pilot. i remember where i was. i was sitting in health. coach britton walks in to the portable. says a plane crashed into the world trade center. im thinkin, a small plane, no big deal. wrong. it was a boeing 767. one of the biggest passenger aircraft in the world. heard it took off from boston. im thinkin, it's full of jet fuel. jet fuel is more flammable than gas in a car. at 9:03 A.M. EST out of nowhere, a 767 hits the north tower. immedieatly im thinking of family. my dads family lives in the city of new york. my aunt works in manhattan, where the towers are. my uncle is a firefighter. at the same time, i get mad. at 9:37 A.M. EST a 767 from washington d.c. hits the pentegon. im thinkin, these people aint playin. much of the military's top officials are in that building. at 10:03 A.M. EST word comes out that a 777 crashes in pennslyvania. im thinkin, pennslyvania? what in the world is in pennsylvania? come to find out, the very first battle in the war on terrorism took place on that flight. passengers fought to the best of their ability to gain control. in my book, they succeeded. they may have lost their lives, but they saved many others. the destination of that flight is unknown. speculation is that it was headed for the white house.

mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas lost their innocent lives that day. in their minds it was just a regular day. god bless their families.

salute to the firefighters, EMTs, police officers and all the other first responders.

salute to the military. air force, army, marine corps, navy, and coast guard. you guys are doing the best job. keep it up. i cant wait to join you guys.

dont ever forget this day.

college is cool

August 30 2005
college is cool. just like high school except you are going with 23000 people instead of 2000. i only have one person out five classes that i know. each class has an average of 50 people. its not so bad. guess that means that i'll have more friends. the teachers are nice. they dont seem hard. i just do what they tell me to do. by the way, i have to keep a 3.8 GPA so that i can get into a school for the air force. i believe that i can do it. you may not see me as much because i am studying, but i think its within my means. i guess thats all i have. dueces

summer has ended

August 28 2005
on the eve of mtsu classes starting, i take a moment to remember the summer of 2005. it started off with graduation, then a trip to memphis for state tournament. two more weeks later i roamed the beaches of panama city with some of the most awesome people. a couple more weeks later a trip to the valley of windy gap was made with all of school friends. that was a fun time. start work then it was back to the gap for work crew. probably the most fun i have ever had in two weeks with people i had just met. i strongly recommend it. come back start workin with people who love their job and have a smile on their face. and today i end it with a trip to the lake. nothing more satisfying than that. i'll tell you what, i have never had as much fun during all my summers than i have had in this one. i look forward to the school year. the people i will meet and i'll the stuff i will learn. to me, it can only get better. hopefully you feel the same way. im out, dueces


August 20 2005
want to holla at the folks movin to ut. hope all is well and hope you are having a blast. i'll prolly be up there in october or sometime in between there cuz im goin to caralina for a yl thing. also gettin baptized tomorrow. starts @ 6:00 @ the belle aire religious establishment if you wanna come. peace


August 14 2005
being back in society is pretty boring. i was isolated for two weeks and it was great. i guess i tend to forget how sinful people really are. i dont know, it was just a perfect place with really cool people. work was okay. i just drive 60 miles a day. the people at the schools are pretty nice. i think they enjoy my company. i enjoy theirs. i made $107 this week on driving. thats pretty cool. im really bored right now. ill talk to ya later. peace

back from the gap

August 07 2005
what up. im back in the boro after work crew in the windy gap. i cant even describe how awesome it was. being surrounded by people for two weeks from all over the country who love the Lord. i worked my tail off. i was on outdoor crew, which maintains the camp grounds. it was tight. the people that were helping me were from georgia and indiana. one of them was a new believer and another was just a young gun. i was able to share my story with about 30 of the campers and they seemed touched by it. i am just speechless about it. i guess if you want to learn more, you need to talk to me in person or over the phone. only bad part about it was i broke my wrist and i am covered in poison ivy. other than that im grand. im out. peace

tough week

July 22 2005
since sunday night, i probably have had the worst week of my life. sunday night, i was invited to a party where most of my friends were there. i had a blast there then when it was over i realized i had to say goodbye. i really havent felt the effects of graduation yet because i see my friends on a regular basis. the hardest person to say goodbye to was my younglife leader. he has been such a great friend to me these past two years. we've done some pretty crazy stuff together. he is moving back to his hometown of jackson, tn and probably wont see him for a long while. after almost getting choked up saying goodbye to him, it was then i realized that some of my other friends i probably will never see them again. some are going to ut, cumberland, motlow, and other colleges around the region. i began to feel a lot of mixed emotions all at the same time and i felt numb. all throughout this week i have been saying goodbye to a lot of people. on thursday afternoon, i was playing frisbee golf with my good friends josh carroll and he told me that he was leaving next weekend. well i going to be gone for two weeks and i wont be able to see him before he leaves. it kinda took me off guard because i thought he wasnt leaving until august. so the next time i see him wont be until his wedding date. i dont know it just been a rough week for me because i hate saying goodbye. it makes it seem like youre never going to see someone again. well as i said before, i am going to be gone for two weeks. i am going to north carolina to a younglife camp and i am going to mow lawns and maintain the camp. the campers will be kids from the inner cities like detroit, nyc, miami, and chicago. its going to be awesome. if you would like to send me a letter while i am away, you may do so. heres the address:
Eddie Sally
Work Crew
Windy Gap
120 Cole Cove Road
Weaverville, NC 28787
see you when i get back. peace