August 28 2005
so i completely forgot about this thing. and xanga. and myspace. b/c they're all dumb. but oh well. i'm UPDATING.

snap. i don't know what to say.

yesterday i went to a 5K in smyrna. i haven't practiced all summer. soo..i got to the end and chucked up all the peaches i ate for breakfast. IT CAME OUT OF MY NOSE. and now i can't eat peaches. it was gross. hahaha.

and i cut my hair again. myself. it's too short. too bad.

there's another race this thursday..so we'll see how that goes =)

OH and my sister is back for the weekend. me and her went to starbucks last night and chiled for awhile. i haven't talked to her in SO LONG so it was freakin awesome. she's so cool =)

this weekend is TBI. yeah guess who's excited. TO THE MAAAAX.

why am i up so early? i don't even remember what happened. snap. i think i'll go to bed.

night joonams

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

August 28 2005
i miss you too.

Emily W.

August 28 2005
eee Momo I love you!!! im veryvery glad that we have lunch together and actually get to spend time together this year!! i had fun just drving you home yesterday! i do believe you and me and ari should hang out lots and lots! oh and thanks so much for doing cc w/ me!! mucho love to you!


August 29 2005
man, i hate when that whole deal happens. im always hoping ill do that with pizza so i'll stop eating it. hm. buh, i stole it

♥somewhere in the memories.♥

August 30 2005
erm. i wish i could run this year. sucks. phlt. but maybe i'll come to some of the races. when you get a sched. you'll have to tell me when the races are. or i could just ask patton i suppose. hm. ya. ♥