birthday girlll

November 19 2005
okay so im not really the birthday girl anymore.

birthday was yesterdayyyy

yupp.. it was my birthday
and i was one happpppppppppy kind of girl

and i got presents n stuff

but my parents havent given me anything
for some reason i don't care.

addie and i this morning had a birthday breakfast and birthday gronola bars and birthday movie and birthday stuff.

we made a Warm Delight
and put candles in it
and i sang to her.

it was delightful.
so now im tired. and stuff.
i just wanna run around and pretend i'm a rappppptor now


Abby Dee

November 19 2005
only COOL kids are born in November =]

Chris Slate,

November 19 2005
i met u tonight... ur one cool chick


November 23 2005
omg we had amazing burthdays and couldnt have picked a better person to spen my mornig with !! haha we are gonna be raptors when we grow up! om gi fucking love you asia!!

Henri Laswell

November 26 2005
happy be-lated birthday.

Ashley who?

November 28 2005
what? xanga wifey? I don't even know who you are.


November 29 2005
HeY aSiA! O M are you?!? its been well HaPPy bELaTed BiRthDAY!!! lol...haha anyways just saying hey..hoOPe your day was O so AWeSOMe!!! t2yl bye bye <33MyRIAH<33


December 03 2005
psssssst "Whos that asian over there? with the bright ass blue eye shadow?" oh..thats the one and only ASIA K!!