an autumn friday.

November 11 2005
and i think im going into that state.
where i fake everything
and i smile and pretend
and i swear to you i should get an oscar
i think this will be the scene in the movie
where my mom has to take me to the doctor
because i need to save myself.
but then again
im happier than anything
and i feel sempiternal
wow. uhhhh. lol

so i want lots of things.. mehhhh


November 11 2005
i've been there. many times.

Nathan Moore

November 11 2005
Welcome to PhuseBox. Let me know if you run into any problems on the site!


November 12 2005
Yea...know exactly how ya feel. So you decided to make a phusebox huh...well now you gotta help me make a myspace cuz im stupid when it comes to computers!

Nathan Moore

November 12 2005
I guess you could say that... let me know if you have any suggestions... I am always up for suggestions on the site. Enjoy!

Nathan Moore

November 12 2005
i actually type out every single remark that I post... many times, my welcome remark is the same, but I still type it out...

Chris Slate,

November 14 2005
i think iv heard about u.... addie bakers bestfriends boyfriend... haha... hey im chris slate... hows it goin