February 08 2006
life is amazing

sex books, love on notes, and pooping jars.

December 17 2005

i love the world.

everything has been so amazing

andrew and i sword fighted yesterday.
while eating lunch
it was really fun.

and i figured out.
i'm a really cool person.



this is thomas. he is amazing. loll

i love his guts.

and i wish things were different between him and i

i always say that.
but it uh. will never happen.
we're too good of friends...

but he's still a fucking retard.

drugs, red, farts, kisses, baked goods & LOVE

December 03 2005

deze r my yo yo shoes.

god that phrase.
i swear
i was high and some little kid comes up to me and tells me her DC's are her yoyo shoes.
and i'm just standing there

so i swear i swear i swear.
i'm the weirdest individual.
i farted in front of swim team while we were doing crunches

i mean god i couldn't help it i was doing crunches
and it just CAME OUT.
and i was so embrassed. okay i wasn't
i just started cracking up laughing
and told them i needed to go leave a complicated path so it wouldn't follow me.
i basically made the swim team giggle with an inaccountable number.

yeah. and i have started to bake a lot.
i like people's mouth to orgasm.
and i feel like getting into someone's pants.
just like putting them on
so i can be like

"Hey, I got in _____ pants! YEAHH!"

hmmm.. p.s. i agree with jack.
i do want to kiss someone under a mistletoe
and i have an idea who...

birthday girlll

November 19 2005
okay so im not really the birthday girl anymore.

birthday was yesterdayyyy

yupp.. it was my birthday
and i was one happpppppppppy kind of girl

and i got presents n stuff

but my parents havent given me anything
for some reason i don't care.

addie and i this morning had a birthday breakfast and birthday gronola bars and birthday movie and birthday stuff.

we made a Warm Delight
and put candles in it
and i sang to her.

it was delightful.
so now im tired. and stuff.
i just wanna run around and pretend i'm a rappppptor now



November 14 2005
mmmmm. so like

i was walking the other day

actually i wasn't i lied.

i was just trying to hook you

because i have to have a hooker to get you WHORES to read.

and this is only my second post

phusebox is pretty neat-ohhh gang.

uhhh i got ten kisses today



i think we should have a laguna beach

except called

"The Boro"

for sizzle ho's.

so uh. yuhhhh. OMGFUCKME


an autumn friday.

November 11 2005
and i think im going into that state.
where i fake everything
and i smile and pretend
and i swear to you i should get an oscar
i think this will be the scene in the movie
where my mom has to take me to the doctor
because i need to save myself.
but then again
im happier than anything
and i feel sempiternal
wow. uhhhh. lol

so i want lots of things.. mehhhh