September 17 2005
I want to be a model...

All I need to do is: Lose 20 pounds and get plastic surgery.

Someone should bring me yummy soup and flowers(maybe?).


September 17 2005
Whatever Paris you're way skinny enough to model. I just ate yummy soup but it's gone now....


September 18 2005
If you lost 20 lbs. you'd be dead.

Sarah Vermillion

September 18 2005
Where would you lose twenty pounds from? Cut off some bones, maybe?


September 18 2005
i agree with garrett. you'd be like the perfect model NOW

Mary Lauren

September 24 2005
please dont loose 20 pounds stephy...please.

Sam-Graham Jinn (Graham Wells)

September 25 2005
I thought I saw you! Rock on. And, like, it you lost 20 pounds . . . yeah, Garrett be right, you'd be dead.