November 01 2005



This is how it is suppose to be.

long hours of crying, wishing to be somewhere else, and all that good stuff....

yep...Junior year rocks...no matter what they say.


November 01 2005
Paris, you're my sugar mama....and I love you!

Sarah Vermillion

November 01 2005
Junior year seems to be the suckage for a lot of people. I miss you and I would love to talk to you or see you soon!


November 01 2005
i love stephy. and she should not cry. and she should call me when she feels sad.


November 04 2005
ahh, the fun of junior year. Stephanie is the coolest person ever! Can I have a llama for my birthday? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase?

Courtney Caldwell

November 05 2005
Stephy is the coolest person. She is so cool that I went to Subway on November the fifth to go see her at her workplace that is Subway. Unfortunantly, Stephy could not be found. In much disappointment, I quickly left in defeat with a turkey sandwhich in hand.

Rachael Robertson

December 13 2005
so you should call me, yes? cuz we haven't hung out in a while... yes defly call me