January 05 2006

Well kiddos, there are only 88ish days left till graduation... and I can't wait.... I also can't wait till I turn 18.... I want to move out sooo bad! My parents are gettin on my last nerves!  But yea, work is going ok, waitin on some calls about getting a job, cici's isn't cuttin it, too much stress...... school is good, enjoy all my classes, and the people in it.... friends are ok.... i end up playin dr.phil way tooo much tho, but its cool too..... i had a good christmas, good new year, and kinda sorta datin someone, not sure how long thats goin to work tho..... anyway, I'm gonna pay attention to class (maybe) yahl have a great week!  (I better see yahl at the shs-ohs game!)