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December 26 2006
woke up and was "present"ed
my main gift was already given to me - my flute
but i got a few random things

ate breakfast then headed outside
went to THE wichita falls and found 2 caches
came back to the house for some leftover Christmas eve dinner for lunch
watched a Christmas story
went back out and found 4 more caches - daddy broke one of them trying to open it lol - will replace after we leave

have to leave for the airport at 3am so im not sleeping. i fly out at 6:30. 2 hours on the plane. then i think were heading to opry mills just for kicks.

love you kids tons and i hope you had and amazingly awesome Christmas

♥ cant wait to see you all again ♥


December 24 2006

climbed over rocks and streams while following a small "trail" or what im sure is a cow path - real hiking for 2 hours


ate one of the top 8 burgers in the nation

saw buffalo, deer, elk, long horns, turkeys, and prarie dogs

gained a new respect for the unique beauty of the prarie

saw a spiral staircase made for fish

fell asleep on the way back from our day in the wichita mountains in oaklahoma

hope you had fun sitting on your butt

its Christmas eve!!!! have a good one!!!

i love you!


December 19 2006

just finished my last exam


school is done

tuba christmas at 12:30


texas here i come

see yall in a week!


December 09 2006

4 full days of school

3 half days of school

1 christmas concert where ill listen to some pretty cool guy play sax

1 christmas party with cool kids

3 presents bought

1 christmas parade

1 plane ride out of here

7 exams

1 missed christmas eve service (hope we go somewhere in tx)


all of this in the next 19 days

♥i love life♥


December 03 2006

very proud of my OHS kids at midstate today

i didnt make it

o well

much love


December 01 2006

first pep band thinggy.

hung out with ms wick and we had a wonderful time talking about loads of things

tomorrow is MID-STATE!!!!!!

im pumped and oh so ready

here to all you band kids who have auditions tomorrow

♥ my best goes out to you ♥


November 28 2006

dont you love it when you smell your hands his you smell him even 2 hours after he took you home

a train and a christmas tree

who knew it could be that much fun?


November 13 2006

oh phusebox

there are so many things i could say

but i must leave all my saying for the 5 page paper that has to be on mrs bells desk in 12 hours




November 08 2006

i miss the business of marching season

i watch DCI vids all the time now and they make me feel so crappy and inadequate, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE them... ah why do i play the flute again??

i love you as much as i love marching band... *thinks*... maybe



October 31 2006

happy halloween.....

halloween is extra special when he walks you and your little brother home from trick-or-treating and then stands in your drive ways and tralks to you for amost 30 mins


October 26 2006

2 days of band left!!!!


practice ended early

sat in the band room floor and talked to someone for and hour

got ridiculed by the jessup.... lol then we came back with mrs stegner jokes

he took me home too


after MYO went and watched Antioch play for a few mins and just looked at the stadium

the press box is soooo high.... idk if i can salute that high!

wish us luck!


October 25 2006


life is amazing

yay for boys

well one boy

a band boy

a sax boy

dang i love this... mutual #1ness

ya know what i dont love????

there are only 3 days of band left

i think i shall cry now

we will rock COC!!!!!!!

much love



October 19 2006

no practice

MCI in 2 days

9 days of marching left

i dont want it to end


marching band is my love


October 12 2006

so much internal drama

i feel like such a tipical teen girl right about now and i dont like it

its time to sleep

me encanta tu



October 09 2006

switchfoot november 16th war memorial....

sounds like a plan to me


October 09 2006

iv crossed over to the dark side

i have a myspace


October 04 2006










October 01 2006

1 Band, 1 Sound? No. I am One Person. The drumline is my heartbeat, the brass fanfare is the blood in my veins, the colorguard is the fire in my eyes and the Drum Major is my every solititary breath.

"It can be difficult to account for marching's unlikely attraction: The endless miles of drill, instructors with short fuses, and blisters that never seem to heal.  You march because something inside says you must... And that is enough."


September 30 2006

awesome run at the comp

it made me smile alot!

superior band, guard, perc, and drum majors

best guard in class

awesome job you guys awesome!!!!!!

staying at the comp was fun it was mainly me, erin, eliza, ben , and screg. then ari, rachel, stephanie, and scott came back from the outlet malls (woo outlet malls....or not)

so yeah oh and i got a DM pullover!

well fall break is upon us!

much love!



September 30 2006

fun night

game that was mucho fun

then ihop with erin, katie, michelle, and jeremy for an hour and a half

our waitress told us to call her momma B and she called us her babies

it was fun

met some cool lavergne band kids at the game.... talked to their exDM for a while. yeah hes kinda awesome! its cool seeing your cousin at the game and then like 2 ppl fall in love with him lol

well tomorrow is lebanon blue devil invitational

band room opens at 7:45AM band goes home at 1 PM  milly and ari stay till awards at 7:30PM  yay for that is will be mucho fun btu i will really miss the bus ride home!!!!!

see all you loverly band kids tomorrow