School??? YUCK!!!

August 10 2005
so...this is my last night before school.....and i'm sittin at home doing nothing. Starting back to school is kinda bittersweet for me. Its bitter cuz i mean, ITS SCHOOL!!! but i'm So excited cuz i'm a senior AND zach gets back monday!!! so i'm VERY ready for that to get here. chelsea just said something that totally gives me a new perspective on starting school tomorrow!!! summer is officially over till I graduate!!! awesome!! heck yes.


August 10 2005
your a lucky girl let me tell you have a wonderful night


August 10 2005
lucky girl. graduating. wish i would have done that. ill see you tommorrow.

Chelsea Sloan

August 10 2005
heck yes we are lucky!!


August 11 2005
yes we do!! it's pimp, can't wait

♥somewhere in the memories.♥

August 13 2005
i wish i was a senior. gah. i know one guy whos a senior at siegal. chris houk? yea. anyways, i'm doing pretty good. how have you been? ♥

Nathan Garrett

August 15 2005
Madison!!!! haha..dude whats happenin!!! better tell my boy Zach i said sup playa!!! not ghetto!!! Dude I hope youre enjoying school!!!! lata


August 15 2005
uh oh. it's monday!! :)


August 16 2005
well its tuesday. and i guess zacks back. hope your having fun.

Nathan Garrett

August 17 2005
SENIOR!!! THATS AWESOME!!! hey I just moved back so im chillin right now till i start work!!! you know!!!! holla

kelsey shearron

August 23 2005
hey kido!


September 03 2005
that is funny about that picture! very random! hope school is going well - you're almost done, right?

zachary brooker

September 04 2005


September 07 2005
you and your b.f are adorable! Like the barbie and ken couple. awe