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...i love college

November 19 2006

so life is amazing. would be even better if it weren't for those pesky classes.

im mega excited about going home for thanksgiving.  sleeping in my own bed.  eating real food.  sitting on a couch.  having my own room.  showereing without flip flops.  taking a bath... not a shower a bath.  going to calvary, i miss that place like crazy.  getting to see my family. 

but after that we only have like 3 weeks of school.  man i cant believe my first semester of college is almost over.  you guys think time flies in high school... just wait.

and just so you know if you're worried about college at all... dont be.  its amazing.  just pray it up.  pray over every little detail.  God will come through.  trust me.

much love!!

kelsey shearron

November 19 2006
i needed to read that. love you!


November 20 2006
aw i'm so glad you're having a good time in college! have a good thanksgiving! -holly

Rachel Hughey

November 21 2006
Yeah, I cannot believe that my first symester is almost over already! I'm making up my schedule for next symester already! I actually get my classes tomorrow! God, this is going too fast...But I'm glad you get to relax soon...hopefully I'll get to relax too...Have fun over thanksgiving! Yay Turkey Day!