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Tennessee Tech


June 29 2006

i have been single for 18 years.  and for at least the past 4 i've been trying to fix that.  because apparently all high schoolers have to have a significant other... or thats what ransey told me.  i guess id given into the idea that a guy can complete me.  when in reality most guys cant even complete a jig saw puzzle. 

tonight i discovered that there was a reason for my singleness.  i think God was protecting me from being hurt.  he knows how afraid i am of that anyway. 

only in Christ can i be complete.  all the wonderful guys from my beloved chick flicks combined into one super duper romantic love fest could not complete me.  Christ is love.  He is the center of the original love story.  The Bible. 

this is stuff ive been taught for years.  but i guess it just moved from head knowledge to heart knowledge tonight.

so, im still single.  but i am ok with that now.

"But Christ demonstrates his own love for us in this:  While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."                   Romans 5:8


June 30 2006
awe :)


July 01 2006
thats awesome. good for you.