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August 21 2006
I went on the pipeline account at and noticed that my schedule was pulged...I have been here ALL day trying to get a new schedule, which is hard to do when there are hardly no classes available. I ended up getting a really good schedule...for some wierd reason. I even have a "WHOLE LOT" of money left over from all of my scholarships. My Chemistry teacher is the same teacher I had at Oakland high school. The only thing I don't like about my new schedule is that I have a class on Tuesday and Thursday...

David Ambrose

August 21 2006
don't feel bad. i changed my schedule a little bit. i have one class on tuesday and thursday. what is your new schedule?

Meagan McCann

August 21 2006
dr. oxsher?? meag

Megan Zickefoose

August 22 2006
mmkay that sucks kinda but hey I got a phusebox ur brother told me to make one so I did and WAS UP HOMIE Megan