question for the people that actually know something about computers

January 25 2006
A new Hard Drive should've fixed all my problems, right?

like, blue screens gone, etc. . .

I mean, just correct me if i'm wrong here.

Tell them how it is

January 24 2006
I called Dell and after 2 hours got them to send me a new Hard Drive. . .

I call and have all their steps completed and it just blows their mind. . .

tonight, after 2 hours I just told them my aunt is a computer technician and that she said i needed a new Hard Drive. . .

Abraham Jones said "one moment please" and then returned and said "we send you new hard drive."

ahhh, it's wonderful

internal deterioration

January 20 2006
blue screens of death were just the beginning. . .

then firefox decided i had to create some new profile in order to get online, so i lost all my quicklinks and fave places. . .

then MSN messanger decided to delete all my friends. . .

the madness needs to end

Honey, I'm Home

January 18 2006
"God called us to be fishers of men, Not keepers of the aquarium" ~ Randy Harris

I am home. yahoo! right? ha, not hardly. I'm unemployed, unschooled, and bored.

I arrived home to the worst mess I've ever seen in my life. I have so
much junk to get out of my life, and I really don't have a clue where
to start. therefore, I sit on my bed and surf the web and chat with

This will sound strange, but I wanna go like, out on a date. dinner and a movie or something.

I also wanna be able to walk out of my house, get on a bus and go to a theme park

the rain, that's gotta go.

the cold. . .I haven't come to terms with it yet. . .I continue to walk
around in capri pants and flip flops. and it's cold. . .and getting
colder. . .

ha! and my car has a spare tire on it. . .so i can't just hop on the
highway and drive to Nashville. and I wanna drive to Hickory Hollow or
Opry mills and see people soooo bad.

I guess that's all. so in short

I'm home. someone call me.

yall got out for this??

January 18 2006

I'm hoping that the HSers are enjoying a day off. . .the reasoning was lame. . .


January 12 2006
So my computer died and I have multiple blue screens of death.a Dell supervisor is supposed to call me, because pretty sure no one seems to realize that it's my hard drive, not a software issue.(i can't even run it in safe mode.) so basically i figured out how to get to Phusebox on my phone, and decided to share this story. Now, the fact that i'm posting from my phone is pretty neat...took a while...but i figured it out, isn't that neat?! The end.


January 12 2006
So my computer died and I have multiple blue screens of death.a Dell supervisor is supposed to call me, because pretty sure no one seems to realize that it's my hard drive, not a software issue.(i can't even run it in safe mode.) so basically i figured out how to get to Phusebox on my phone, and decided to share this story. Now, the fact that i'm posting from my phone is pretty neat...took a while...but i figured it out, isn't that neat?! The end.


January 02 2006
update on life: I was terminated. . .that would be fired. . .

all because I was honest.

I'm looking at this as a good thing. because I automatically get the
day off, and I don't have to leave till tomorrow still since I was
terminated today. So the day off will be nice.

I can come back in 6 months, and the guy that had to terminate me said
that he wants me to come back. so i can come back. woot woot.

and my friend BP said I could use one of her comp tickets to get into the parks tonight with my friends. I'm excited.

oh my gosh!

December 30 2005
dear phusebox community

I leave O-town in 3 days. I'm sad

i've slept 6 hours in the last 2 days. (2 one night, 4 the next)

I'm on my 4th cell phone since September. (free, b/c of a issue that fell under warrenty. . .but that issue occured before I dropped it in the sink at work. . .which killed it)

so i think i'm gonna nap now

19 days

December 15 2005
My program ends in 19 days

holy cow! i'm gonna cry. . .I love it here so much, but it's definetly time to come home

Going to Mandeville, LA on the 3rd. then PCB for GCG on the 11th(??) and then the good ole 37129 on the 16th. . .


ain't no place like the good ole 32821!

December 11 2005
:: disclaimer :: i stole this

I am a Disney CP. Yes I lived in Orlando, and yes, it's shady and skeezy - but just thinking about it makes me smile.
We dont call it Orlando, it's O-town or 32821, get it right

go to the parks everyday and make damn sure we get backdoored onto the
rides. And yes, getting backdoored is the best thing ever.

We go to Wal-Mart all the time for no reason, and bitch b/c Target has a closing time.

We could be from Alaska or Maine, but we still went home saying "ya'll." (this one is my FAVORITE cuz it is so true)

We know what TTC, DAK, PI and all those fun things stand for.

We've had to pop our trunks for security

We know what Vista Lay means.

We compare our ID pictures

We love going to the Vista Pool, but we'd NEVER go in the hot tub

We've been to Bdubs and Ale House at least 3 times a week, with at least 10 other people.

My car STILL has sand in it from Cocoa Beach.

We ruled PI on thursday nights.

We have friends in almost every country.

least 100 of us can never work for disney again because we got fired
for drinking in our apts or stealing stupid Disney stuff.

We've almost been hit by a Dynamic bus at least 5 times

We still can't figure out what language the bus drivers are speaking in

We like to pretend that we understand every language spoken to us

We eat Chick-fil-a and Wendy's for every meal.

We know what alpha-unit means, and if our friends at home get hurt, we always ask them 3 times if they need assistance

We could go to Starbucks... while shopping at Target

We dated or made out with at least one person, whether we liked them or not.

I still have a ZILLION of those stupid mickey stickers

I've been to Mickey's Retreat on more than one occassion

We point with 2 fingers, not one and magical moments and take 5's make me smile

am an 05 CP, and im damn proud of it. I hope to God you have a magical
day (If someone wishes you a magical day it means f*** you in disney


December 11 2005
So the LOVELY Chatham Square internet went down tonight. we'd get it for a second. . .and then it'd be gone again. it was quite sad.

but then there was the good news. . .

I moved apartments today. I now live in 16203, and the girls are quite cool. i think the next 23 days will be quite calm!

Also, as soon as I managed to move. . .the roomie(samantha) that was giving me the most problems. . .self-terminated. . .oh well, at least i'm not alone now!

so yea, the internet works now. . .and it's funny, my disney section is bare . . . except for KoKo and I. . .b/c I guess we're the only crazy ones up this late to realize that it suddenly works. . .

I was about to get desperate. . .I had pulled out the phone cord and was planning on dialing up!

okay, I lied

December 08 2005
I'm coming home, I didn't make character. I'll just do better next time!

but my friend steve made Peter Pan!


December 07 2005
*edit* I'm not coming home. I have a HOT new neighbor from Italy!

I assume I mentioned in a previous post that I've become sick again.

well last night at work, i had a runny nose, was poppng cough drops like no ones business, then went and cleaned the pretzel wagon and came back inside, and started talking and my voice was just gone.

it wasn't funny at all, but we were immensly amused by it, b/c it seemed 5 minutes before I was talking normally. . .

I'm going to audition for a character role tomorrow. if I get it, I believe I will be staying here another semester.

but i still plan on going to louisiana, going to gulf coast getaway. . .and then working. . .I can't just stop my life completely for my job

So i'll be updating again in a few days letting yall know what else is going on. have a great day!

Why no, It's not hard being me!

December 04 2005
 okay, maybe that's not totally true. . .but for real. It's gonna get up to 80 degrees here tomorrow. and I'll be working hot dog. that's the only sad part!

The rest of the week is spent working pretzels. . .I enjoy eating pretzels.

next week is 4 days pretzel, one day Enchanted Groves, that's not TOTALLY bad either.

My roomies are mean. I can't wait till they're gone for good. or rather, I'm gone for good

I can't wait till I get to go to Louisiana! I'm quite excited.

I need to clean. . but my roomies aren't around. . .so I really have no desire to.

I need to cut back on wireless minutes in the daytime. . .I'm not doing bad, but I could do better.

My nose is stuffy. . .Did i metion that I'm sick again. I've reached the "no breathing through the nose stage". just the right side though. . .I can't breathe through it. . .but I can feel it, and it feels like it's running.

that was quite a random story

Raven is on. . .it's good. . .

I have to be at work @ 11am tomorrow. . .not sure why i'm still up!

what a post!

Do you play basketball?

December 01 2005
why no, I don't play basketball, But i'm pretty good at dribbling a bouncy balzac ball.

I sold more balls today in 3&1/2 hours than I have in any 8 hour shift @ MK(I was at DAK. . .animal kingdom)

oh, and this morning. . .i woke up @ 3:45 to go to the Cast Sale. . .we were one of the first people in line. . .and the line was CRAZY. . .

I purchased over $300(retail value) worth of Disney Merch. . .and paid $100!!

i'll photograph later. I got some cute stuff!


November 28 2005

who loves mondays!

yea, that's what I thought. So the weather is having a party in Orlando. . .kinda like it does in TN. . .it just can't ever decide what it's gonna do!

Balzac is great! I get breaks all the time it seems. and it's a pretty easy job. just bounce a ball all day. . .I have a feeling i'll be coming home with a few! they're sooooo fun!!!

Cast sale is on thursday, i'm very very excited! i love discounts!!

I should go grocery shopping soon. . .what should I buy?

that's all i've got! everyone have a fabulous day!

days off are nice

November 26 2005

just thought I should mention that!

I posted approximently 24 pictures from thanksgiving. ignore the alcohol that is in almost every one. I wasn't drinking.

so go look at those pics, they're fun. . .and um. . .happy thanksgiving, and i come home soon!

i've lost all sense of being

November 25 2005
I will be blogging my thanksgiving pictures soon

i've had 10 hours of sleep in the last 48

I got a second job @ disney working @ Balzac. . .so next week i'm working a total of 53 hours!

My roomie needs to learn that tundra's aren't appropriate inside when it's cold outside

she also needs to learn that if she finishes my food to replace it immediately

5 weeks?

check the weather lately?

November 23 2005
it's colder in orlando right now than it is in Murfreesboro. . .

now isn't that strange. . .