love is in the air...

June 17 2005
but who?

one of the many great mysteries in life.
one clue though... most of you don't know him.
but, you guys would like him, too.


June 17 2005
I'd ask you to tell me who it is, but next time I see you it will be someone different. O_o Raisin

the brian king kenobi

June 17 2005
lol! i agree with christina. but i'm still curious.


June 17 2005
i know his name...

Katie Schneider

June 17 2005
=0!!!! yay for Lauren! =)

Stephanie Levine

June 18 2005
do tell all please...We should get a gang together and go to starbuck's and go watch a movie? something, we'll gang, i mean we have to dress up GANGSTA,lol.

cole brown

June 18 2005
HEEEEEY! who is it..?

Rachel Sullivan

June 19 2005
LAUREN!!!!! hope your having a great summer!! love you, Rachel

Sam-Graham Jinn (Graham Wells)

June 20 2005
It's probably Batman.


June 21 2005
I'm afraid I'm going to have to meet this fellow.


June 21 2005
hey you were at fazolis your friend's dog died and brian didn't believe you ha pretty amusing stuff


June 21 2005
i've seen his xanga before..he's adorable I must say...o and shame on the comment before me~~!!SHAME SHAME SHAME! ;)