September 18 2005
hmm, friday night. christmas carols and singing way out of key. also taking very long scary walks in the dark around the most crime infested neighborhood i have ever been in. spooky...

school is a definite drag. i am sooooooo tired i could sleep for two days straight.

i love my friends. like a lot.
no boy this week. unbelievable, huh?

i love you. and you know who you are.

edit : finally official spanish club president. wow it feels really good to say that. now, if i could only pass that spanish class...


September 18 2005
Gee thanks, I think I'll go lock my doors and windows now...robbers everywhere...


September 18 2005
lol latin is fun!!


September 23 2005
I love you doll face.. after all, you're my speech inspiration!-hehe- have a good one♥