February 17 2006

I'll never be good enough for him.

But maybe that's okay. I am just sorry I wasted all that time.
It was there in front of me, but I chose not to see it. So it is my fault. He used to make me so mad, but I now see that I wasn't really angry at him just angered by the fact that I couldn't have him.

That no matter what I did I could not change his mind.
I had no control over it and I think that is what truly scared me.

maybe i should just let him go.

Life changes. I've changed.

I'm trying to find in this world where I belong, because I certainly do not know.
It seems like everything around me is changing-
friends are moving on, everything is moving on without me.
the world is turning and yet I am not turning with it.
I don't know what I believe or think. Everything is in constant turmoil.
I'm not the only thing that has changed, and that is the only thing I am sure of anymore.


February 17 2006
But I love you!! And you never know...things can happen...people can change...who knows what he'll end up thinking of you? You could be just what he's looking for, but he just doesn't know it yet.


February 17 2006
yepp<br>I love you!!!


February 17 2006
ohh and it'll be okay my lovely, if he doesn't see how wonderful you are, then he doesn't deserve you, you are amazingly awesome and I simply love you!


February 18 2006
i know how u feel. my advice: "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."

Marie Marie

February 19 2006
I agree with these things, Lauren, but I hope you feel better about them.


February 19 2006
Lauren Walker...you're the best!!


February 22 2006
Lauren Walker! i love you soo much. i miss you too. we need to get together for a random get together. i hope you feel better, but any boy who doesn't see how awesome you are just isn't worth it.

the brian king kenobi

February 27 2006
i just noticed that that is totally my hair/eye/nose in the background of your profile picture. just thought i would let you know. is that from model un last year?


February 27 2006
Will you marry me? haha. i simply love my dear!