Bills, rent, work, life..

May 25 2006
I walk down to the mailbox this morning and open it up and I have 4 envelopes inside. I'm excited because I don't get mail on a regular basis, let alone 4 letters at once.

2 of them were junk. The other 2 were a smack in the face from reality.
Comcast bill.
KUB bill.

No matter what happens in my life now, I'll always have bills to pay.
That kinda sucks.

But on a bright note, I've decided to stay at the O'Charleys in Alcoa due to alot of reasons but mainly because they treat me better than the other one so..yeah.

I've gotta pay rent in 2 weeks and I just might have enough to pay all of it by myself which is freaking awesome for me.

Life is good.