Hey guys, this is awesome!

April 18 2006
So I've been working with and getting used to the Mac and I've found something completely awesome: iChat one-way video chat. Tested it out last night and I was able to chat with Kelly so that she could see and hear me and I could hear her (she doesn't have a camera). Real time. No delays. Awesome picture.

Oh yeah.

Also I called the apartment complex where I'll be living this fall and I'm on the 3rd floor of the building which is about 3 blocks back from campus. I'm taking 6 credit hours this summer at Pellissippi along with getting another job to pay for the apartment and hopefully take Lyndi somewhere nice before school starts up again this fall. She deserves it :-)

I'm addicted to Myspace now. It's the new Xanga..haha. Funny I suppose. So the semester is coming to a close and it's time for a glance at the good ol' GPA.

Fall 2005: 3.09
Spring 2006: 3.09

Yeah. I'm content.

I miss my Mustang. One day I'll find another one. You just wait...